Compagnie SOKI


Titre du spectacle : And the Rest
: 14/02 > 27/02/2022
Lieu : Chapiteau

The central theme is ‘working through conflicts brings us closer together’. It is a normal part of our lives to have conflict with those around us – often those we are closest to. While this can be an imposing fact of life, it’s important to remember that it is often through these conflicts, and through solving them together, that we forge our strongest connections. We aim to show our audiences that it is not the conflict that matters, but how we work through it and grow past it.

We are SoKi, the delightfully acrobatic and playful combination of Solomon Riversage from New Zealand and Kira Rabenstein from Germany. We create high level, playful circus focussed on human experience. We are also active circus teachers, helping people find success and joy through circus.

Kira Rabenstein
Solomon River Sage
Aurelia Brailowsky as outside eye

Espace Périphérique (Ville de Paris / La Villette)


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